Frequently asked

Frequently asked questions

Why Wouldn't I Just Hire a Designer In-House?

The cost of hiring a senior-level creative can be upwards of 6-figures per year (plus benefits!) which may not be feasible for your budget or phase of your business. You might be able to find a cheaper alternative on Fiverr, but why take that risk?

Additionally, you may not always have enough design work to keep a full-timer busy, leaving you to pay for idle time. With a subscription plan, you can pause and resume your service as needed, ensuring that you only pay for design work when you have a project that requires it. That's a win-win 👍

Can you create custom illustrations, icons or mockups for me?

No, I unfortunately, I’m not an illustrator, so we'd need to hire external support if you need custom illustrations or icon sets. Often, we can include this as an additional invoice if you need this managed.

What if I don't like the designs?

Don't worry at all! We are committed to making revisions to the design until it meets your complete satisfaction.

What Programs do you use?

After years of working in the industry, these are the best programs for workflow: Figma for strategy and wire-framing our projects, Webflow for website design and development, Loom for ongoing updates, walkthroughs and trainings, and Slack or Discord for project communication. And, of course, Notion for everything else (no joke)

How often will we communicate while I'm subscribed?

I will set up a Slack or Discord space for us for day-to-day communication, and I set aside Mondays and Thursdays for open office hours. You will receive regular Loom updates through the whole project. We will try to keep the lengthy meetings to bare minimum. No 3-day workshops, no wireframe stages, no meetings other than crucial ones. This is about delivering quality work with effective, honest, timely communication.

How Quickly Will I Receive My Designs?

Typically, most requests are fulfilled within two days or less for some quicker projects. However, large, or intricate requests may require additional time to complete. Feel free to ask me ahead of time how to organize our projects to meet your deadlines.